The diseases deriving directly from the auto-intoxication are: cirrhosis, rheumatism, dysentery, heart problems, skin diseases, bad mouth smell, kidney stones, insomnia, sciatica and anemia. These are due to the recirculation of the toxins.
Here is a significant synthesis of the main consequences of the constipation on different levels of the organism:
-Stomach: lost of stomachic tonus, stomachic ptosis, ulcers, cancer. In many cases this is the cause of bad breath.
-Kidneys: stones and renal gripes.
-Nervous system: insomnias, depressions, irritability, hysteria.
-Legs: sciatica, venous stasis which lead to varicose.
-Liver: hepatic congestions, bladder stones, hepatic intoxications.
-Appendix: chronic or acute appendicitis.
-Blood: anemia, pathological modifications of the blood composition (which influences ALL organs and cells in the body).
-The lower part of the abdomen: various blood stasis, chronic infections of female genitals (in uterus, ovaries, oviduet), displacement of the uterus.
-skin: eruptions of different naturesThe real drama of these constipations by incrustation is that there are no purifying or cleansing organs between the colon’s membrane and the blood stream: the poison filters directly into the blood and then to the mentioned areas (skin, kidneys, lungs, etc). If these poisons distilled inside the colon infiltrate the blood for many years, as it often happens to the modern people, one can only imagine their profound negative effects over the aging process. The permeability of the colon is extremely high, that is why many medicines are administrated in the form of suppository, because in this way they reach directly into the blood.
A sedentary life also favors the auto-intoxication. Enemas do not represent a solution. They produce constipation and alter the inner expelling movements of the large intestine. Another method would be BASTI NAULI in the water.
The ideal method is SHANK PRAKSHALANA. The water swallowed in the mouth reaches the stomach, where, led by simple movements, washes the entire surface of the large intestine on its way out. The exercise stops when the water comes out as clean as it enters. It doesn’t involve any major difficulties nor efforts, no danger whatsoever and it is recommended to anyone, on the condition that the technique is correctly done.
SHANK PRAKSHALANA or VARISARA DHAUTI signifies the “Shell Cleansing”, because the similarity of the sinuous digestive system with the corridors of the shell. It is a fundamental yogi exercise.
It is surprising for us to see that we encounter no allusion to it in the (already very vast) literature consecrated to the Yoga system in the West. Kept as a secret for a very long time, we encounter no technical description regarding SHANK PRAKSHALANA in the numerous Yoga books in the Occident. This proves once again that Yoga still remains something to be discovered for all of us.


Heat the salty water until lukewarm, in a dosage of 15-16 grams of salt per liter, which is less than the concentration of physiologic serum (the equivalent of a soup spoon LEVELED of salt every liter of water). The water has to be salty otherwise it’s not going to reach the colon and it will be absorbed (through osmosis) passing the mucous membrane and being evacuated as urine.

The best moment for doing the technique is early in the morning, on an empty stomach. We will take into account the fact that the technique could last more than an hour, probably an average of 90 minutes. During that day we will not perform ASANAS, exercise or hard physical work and neither the next day.

Here is the outlook of the whole cleansing process, excepting the required set of movements which ensures the proper flow of water through the digestive tube, which will be described subsequently:

  1. drink a glass of warm salty water (the temperature will be that of a warm soup)
  2. immediately afterwards, perform a complete set of movements
  3. drink another glass of water which will be followed by another set of movements

You will continue to alternate the ingestion of a glass of salty water followed by the indicated exercises.
During the completion of SHANK PRAKSHALANA, due to the set of movements, the water goes immediately in the digestive duct, without causing any nausea.  Continue with the alternative drinking of water and execution of the exercises until 6 glasses of water have been ingested. In this moment you should go to the toilet. Normally, a first evacuation appears almost instantly, the normal excrements being softened and immediately followed by even softer ones, then by liquid ones (yellow colored).
If this does not occur immediately or at least in the next 5 minutes, the movements are to be done again without any ingestion of water and then we use the toilet. If, in an extraordinary case nothing happens, we should trigger the evacuation, eventually by an enema with ½ liter of water, with the usual means (an irrigator).
Once the siphon has been opened, or when the first excrements appear, the rest will follow automatically.
After each use of the toilet, after using the usual toilet paper, the anus will be washed with warm water and it will be dried and anointed with oil in order to prevent a rash caused by the salt. After this first going to the toilet, you must:
-drink again a glass of lukewarm salty water
-make all the exercises and go back to the toilet, because every time, a new evacuation will take place.
The alternation of drinking lukewarm salty water-set of exercises-toilet will continue until the water comes out as clean as when it enters the organism, which, according to the degree of the encrusting of the colon, may correspond to the ingestion of 10 to 14 glasses of salty water, more than that being seldom required.
When we are satisfied with the result or, in other words, when the water is clean enough, we can accordingly to our wishes to:

  1. Do nothing more and in this situation you will have to go a few more times to the toilet, which represents the only inconvenient
  2. Drink 3 more glasses with plain warm water and perform a VAMANA DHAUTI which will close the siphon and completely empty the stomach. In general, the yogis always perform a VAMANA DHAUTI after a SHANK PRAKSHALANA.


After the ingestion of 4 glasses of warm water, if, for example, you feel that the content of the stomach does not pass normally to the intestine, which causes a sensation of overloading and nausea, this means that the neck of the pylorus does not open as it should. Once the siphon is open, though, there will be no difficulties whatsoever and we can continue at ease the process. It is possible that for some people, a gas stopper, due to fermentation, may impede the normal kindling of the siphon. In this case it is enough to press firmly the abdomen with the hands, doing the abdominal massage (SAHAJ AGNISARA DHAUTI) or to perform SARVANGASANA (the candle posture), apart from the indicated exercises.
In the worst case, as one may say, when the water does not leave at all the stomach, we may choose one of the two solutions:

  1. To make VAMANA DHAUTI, or, in other words, to empty the content of the stomach by tickling the base of the tongue with three fingers of the right hand to start the vomit reflex.
  2. To do nothing, the water being evacuated normally, progressively, as urine.

After doing the exercise it is absolutely necessary to rest and to avoid the cold.

After SHANK PRAKSHALANA we absolutely must respect the following indications:
-to eat at least half an hour after but no more then an hour after the exercise; it is strictly forbidden to let the digestive tube empty for more than an hour.
-the first meal will consist of: white rice (not complete rice or rice with skin which would irritate the mucous membrane of the intestine) boiled in water, even very well boiled so as it melts in the mouth. It can be served with well boiled carrots. At this first meal it is necessary to ingest at least 40 grams of butter. It can be melted over the rice or eaten directly from a spoon.
In case we do not have any rice, we can replace it with a decoction of wheat, oat or pasta (macaroni or spaghetti) with grated cheese.

Under no circumstances will the rice be boiled in milk. For the next 24 hours after this technique, it is strictly forbidden to drink milk or eat yoghurt, kefir and other dairy products. Even more, during the following 24 hours the acid foods and drinks, raw fruit and vegetables are forbidden. Bread is allowed only for the second meal after the exercise. All hard or semi-hard cheese is allowed: all Schweitzer varieties, for example. White and fermented cheese is strictly forbidden, and also Brie pressed cheese or Camembert cheese.
After 24 hours you can return to normal diet, avoiding though any excess of meat.

The absorption of salty water will bring, by osmosis, a part of the body’s liquids to the digestive duct. It is therefore normal to feel a strong sensation of thirst after performing this technique. There is absolutely a must not to consume any kind of liquids, not even pure water, because we will continue to fuel the siphon and we will go to the toilet continuously. After the first meal, though, we can drink moderately water or mild infusions (tile, mint), but no sparkling water- just a mild mineral one. The alcohol, already not recommended in normal diets, especially for yogis, it is strictly forbidden during the next 24 hours after the exercise.
The ejections may not appear for the next 24 or 36 hours; this is not surprising. They will now be yellow-golden, just as those of a little baby.
This technique must be done at least twice a year, at the changing of the seasons. It could also be performed every 3-4 months. Those who aim to purify themselves very well will do this technique once a month and the famous yogi BRAHMACHARI even indicates to perform SHANK PRAKSHALANA every 15 days.
In case of intolerance to salt, a decoction of leek, carrots or other vegetables can be used, even cubes of tomato sauce. Those who suffer from constipation can make SHANK PRAKSHALANA weekly, but only with 6 glasses of water. In this case, the cycle takes place in half an hour. This is the best re-educator of the large intestine. The advantages are that it does not weaken the walls of the colon.


The first effect is one of eliminatory nature, consisting of the total evacuation of the encrusted sediments in the mucous membrane of the large intestine. The practitioners for whom a “normal” and daily evacuation created the illusion that they are not constipated, will see in their excrements peels of fruit, seeds, hair, etc., all of these being encrusted in the colon or rectum for months or even years. Practicing the SHANK PRAKSHALANA means that all of these filths are eliminated, the danger of intoxication due to the presence of the permanently distilled toxins being suspended. The beneficial effects will not appear immediately, but they will appear no longer than 2-3 days, by a freshness of breath, better sleep, disappearance of rashes and pimples on the face or the body. All of these are maintained on condition that you choose a non toxic diet, without excess of meat. One can also notice the disappearance of bodily odors. The perspiration becomes odorless, making it possible to give up noxious sprays. Skin in general, especially complexion will become lighter, the look will be shinier and magnetic. This process is not merely eliminatory, but it is also invigorating at the same time. It strengthens the immune system, helps relieve the symptoms of arthritis and purifies the blood. With SHANK PRAKSHALANA the liver is deeply stimulated, this being obvious in the color of the first excrements. It also acts upon the other annex organs of the digestive tube, especially the pancreas. The lighter forms of diabetes are treated in the yogi hospitals (in India) by having the patient make PRAKSHALANA every two days for two months and at the same time having an adequate diet associated with PRANAYAMA and other yogi techniques. The Langerhans glands, situated in the pancreas, secrete more insulin under the invigorating general effect of this technique. The complete cleaning of the digestive tube also means a correct assimilation of food, making the thin persons to harmoniously gain weight and the fat persons to lose weight. SHANK PRAKSHALANA detoxifies the body and helps develop good digestion. It is good for allergies, fatigue, Candida, acidity and gas. Practically recharges the whole body, removes blockages form the acupuncture channels (nadis) and purifies all the body’s energetic main points (chakras).

The contraindications for SHANK PRAKSHALANA are not many: the people who suffer from severe stomach ulcer must refrain and wait to heal before practicing the technique. The people who suffer from acute illnesses of the digestive tube: dysentery, diarrhea, acute colitis, acute appendicitis or serious illnesses as intestinal tuberculosis or cancer must not practice. The cases of chronic colitis can be alleviated, though, by SHANK PRAKSHALANA outside the crisis periods. SHANK PRAKSHALANA should not be practiced during pregnancy or menstruation, if one has a big kidney or gallbladder stone, weak kidneys, chronic diabetes, hernia. These contraindications are not absolute. In India there are cases of dysentery healed completely by SHANK PRAKSHALANA in the yogi’s hospitals, even in the cases of patients who had been treated for months with classical methods, without healing. SHANK PRAKSHALANA is very efficient in completing the treatment of intestinal parasites. The entire content of the intestine being evacuated, the parasites and their eggs are also trained outside.

In the three weeks cure of total rejuvenation, KAYA KALPA, SHANK PRAKSHALANA is done every day. In the first three days salty water is used. Next,
SHANK PRAKSHALANA is done using decoctions of different vegetables (onion, leek, etc.) to re-mineralize the organism. There are also used certain herbs to stimulate the total purification of the organism. This constitutes a more serious trial for the digestive system, therefore a careful and competent supervision is compulsory.


To lead the water through the digestive tube towards the exit it is enough to execute the next movements: each action must be repeated 4 times on each side, alternatively, in a rapid enough rhythm. The complete series does not last longer than 2 minutes and a half.


The starting position: standing, keep the soles of yourfeet at an approximate 30 centimeters distance apart from each other. Lift your arms and straighten them, the fingers interlocked and the palms facing up; the back is straightened well, the breathing is normal, at ease. Without twisting the bust, bend first towards left, then without stopping in the final posture, bend  towards right. This double movement is to be repeated 4 times, thus performing 8 alternative bends towards left and right. These movements open the stomach pylorus and at each bend a part of the water leaves the stomach towards the duodenum and small intestine.


This movement makes the water advance inside the small intestine. The starting position is the same: standing, with the distant soles. The right arm is stretched horizontally and the left arm is bent until the
forefinger and the thumb touch the right clavicle. A rotation of the trunk is next performed, pulling the
straightened right arm towards the back as far as possible. The tip of the fingers is to be followed with
the eyes. Afterwards execute the movementon the other side. This double movement will be repeated
4 times: there will be, then, 8 movements of rotation.

Water continues to advance further in the small intestine and enter the large intestine, due to the following movement. A variant of the cobra posture (BHUJANGASANA) is to be done, with only the palms and the toes touching the floor.
VERY IMPORTANT! The legs are spread apart 30 centimeters.
When the posture is reached, we twist the head, the shoulders and the trunk until we get to see the opposite heel (if we start the turn towards right, we look at the left heel). Next, do not stand still, but return to the initial position and start again on the other side.
This double movement is to be repeated 4 times, making a total of 8 rotations.


 The water reaching the extremity of the small intestine must be led through the colon due to the fourth movement, the most complicated of the series, although it is most accessible to anyone, except to people who suffer with knees and meniscus.
The starting position: on the hunkers, the feet spread apart at 30 centimeters, the heels facing the exterior of the calf and not under the buttocks. The arms are placed on the knees, which are spread at approximately 50 centimeters. The trunk is to be turned and the left knee is placed on the floor in front of the opposite leg. The palms push alternatively the right calf towards the left side and the left calf towards the right, so that it compresses half of the abdomen which will press on the colon. We look as much as possible towards the back, turning the head to accentuate the torsion of the trunk and to increase the pressure over the abdomen. It is absolutely necessary to start by placing the left knee on the floor to compress first the right side of the abdomen, pressing thus especially over the ascendant colon. This double movement will be executed 4 times (8 torsions). In case the fourth movement cannot be executed, the replacing variant will be done.


The starting position: seated on the floor with the legs stretched and the trunk lifted, supported by the stretched arms. The right leg is bent and placed over the left one, at the same time placing the right palm on the sole of the right feet and turning the trunk as much as possible towards the left, looking back. We return immediately to the initial position and then execute the movement on the opposite side, bending the left leg over the right one. There will be 4 torsions on each side, a total of 8 both sides.


1. Drink a glass of lukewarm salty water (250 ml) in proportion of a leveled soup spoon of salt per liter.
2. Perform the complete set of movements.
3. Drink a second glass of water, followed by all the exercises.
4. Continue to do the same until the complete slow ingestion of 6 glasses of warm salty water.
5. Go to the toilet and wait for a first evacuation. If this does not take place in 5 to 7 minutes, do again, more extensively and dynamic the entire set of exercises, without drinking any more salty water. If the result still does not appear, a light enema will start the inner movements of the intestine and will fuse the siphon.
6. Drink another glass of water, do the exercises, go to the toilet.
7. Continue the alternative absorption of water-exercises-toilet until you are satisfied with the result. The tenacious yogis will continue the cleansing up until the water comes out as clean as it enters.
8. To finish- at will-, evacuate the entire content of water from the stomach by doing VAMANA DHAUTI (vomiting) after drinking first two glasses of warm, plain water. VAMANA DHAUTI empties the stomach, decongests the liver, the gall bladder and the spleen and stops the siphon. If you do not do a VAMANA DHAUTI, you can expect to go to the toilet several times in the following hour.
9. Wait at least half an hour before the first meal, but in no case, do not wait more than one hour after finishing the cleansing technique, in order to feed the digestive tube.
10. Resist firmly to the thirst sensation at least until after the first meal, otherwise you will continue to go to the toilet non stop.


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